Enterprise vision: become an influential medical device in China

AMK's corporate vision is the goal that Emec strives for and is AMK's beautiful expectation for the future. It is like a lighthouse in the long dark night, guiding us to move forward. AMK pursues the harmonious development of business and natural environment, advocates green marketing, and sets a benchmark for sustainable development of the industry; AMK is committed to providing a broad platform for staff development, attracting more outstanding talents in the industry, promoting the growth of talents, ultimately achieving the progress of the enterprise, and improving the popularity of AMK brand in the industry; Through continuous improvement, AMK provides customers with high-quality products and services, improves customer satisfaction, and finally makes the corporate image outstanding and respected;


Enterprise mission: Achieve employees' dreams and add value to the world's products

The enterprise mission of AMK is the reflection of the root cause and ultimate responsibility of AMK's existence and all activities. AMK is committed to providing employees with a platform to realize themselves, help them grow and realize their self-worth, and then promote the development of AMK. Because we deeply understand that employees are the core of the enterprise, and only when employees make continuous progress can the enterprise make progress; AMK has established a strategic cooperative relationship of mutual benefit and mutual promotion in the cooperation with customers. AMK aims to provide customers with high-quality products and services, help customers realize product value and achieve win-win results.

Core values: integrity, responsibility, win-win cooperation and self transcendence

Honesty - words must be honest and deeds must be honest. This is AMK's personal creed. AMK always sticks to honesty and integrity for its employees, customers and society. Countless cases of the development of Chinese enterprises in the past three decades tell us that even if we can achieve short-term success without integrity, it can not stand the test of time, and success will soon become a thing of the past.
Responsibility --- Scholars must be brave and have a long way to go. It can be seen that responsibility is the internal driving force for positive and striving. As AMK, we always bear in mind our responsibility to "achieve the dream of employees and add value to the world's products". The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It has been decades since AMK's first day of hazy birth to today. AMK may be lost but never lost, because we never forget our responsibilities and work tirelessly for it!
Win win cooperation --- mutual love, mutual benefit, mutual love, mutual respect, unity, cooperation and win-win in AMK. At AMK, we encourage every employee to keep learning, self-development, teamwork and common improvement, because we believe that only when employees develop, can the enterprise develop; Only a win-win enterprise can have social significance!
Self transcendence - -- Heaven is healthy, and a gentleman is always striving for self-improvement! The society and our living environment are constantly improving, which requires each of us AMK people to adapt to the development of the society, keep learning, keep making progress, dare to challenge, dare to break through, dare to be the trendsetter of the times, and lead the development of the industry. Only in this way can our enterprise have hope, we can promote the progress of the industry, and we can promote the rejuvenation of the nation!